Coaching Information

Coached sessions will begin Monday April 16th and will continue until September 24th. (Weather Depending)

Monday Night Weekly Coaching Sessions
5:30 to 6:15pm - Novice and Beginner Training (Riders must be on pedals and able to handle the entire track without aid)
6:15 to 7:00pm - Intermediate / Expert Training 
Open Gate Practice 7 to 8pm for ALL Riders
Half Trackers Please stick to the left of the cones.

Your coaches for the 2018 Season are Jared Ennis and Erin Kinnie. Special Guest Coaches will also appear during the season.

Cost is $5 per session or $80 for the season with a Pre-Paid Coaching Card.
All attendees must be members of Cycling BC to ensure they have the correct Liability insurance.
Please arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you are registered, dressed, warmed-up, and ready to learn for your coaching session.
Try to be on-time so as not to distract the other riders and from the session.
If you are alte, ensure you sign in prior to heading out to the track. Once there, let the coach acknowledge you.
We encourage you to have a water bottle ready to go, and leave it beside the track during the session.

Track is CLOSED to all riders not attending the coached session. During this time, please use the pump track, or perform warm-ups outside the track riding surface.

Coaching Sessions will be run weekly. (Weather and Holiday Depending.)