June 16th Racing was OUTSTANDING!

What a night of racing. The temperature was perfect, the Racers, Spectators and Volunteers were awesome.
111 Full track Riders and 19 half trackers.
With such a great turnout of racing, we had several mains to run last night. So RAD to see so many people enjoying the sport, and continuing to expand the competition base.

5 and under Novice, 7 Novice, 9 Intermediate and mens cruiser, all ran Mains. The ladies cruiser was close to needing a main, but unfortunately 2 ladies had to back out due to working late. Next week, the ladies cruiser class will be the one to watch, as this Friday they are getting some extra training and track time.

Congratulations to Jason Adams and Laurie harding on taking the wins in the Cruiser classes tonight.
Was a great night if your name was Connor. Connor Brereton-Stiles and Connor Brisbin each took the win for the night in their respective classes of 5 and Under Novice and 6 Novice.
Grace Gulechyn grabbed the win in 7 Novice Female, just edging out hard charging Claire Nyholm.

Shout out to Carter Horstman on his move up to the 9 Intermediate ranks. These boys have grown up racing each other for years, and they continue to battle each other hard moto after moto, and then be best buddies after.

The track could use some help this Saturday morning on clearing weeds, trimming grass, smoothing straights and mounting some signage. No experience necessary, and the more the merrier.

Thank you to all of our Volunteers. You are the backbone of the club.
We wish Kai and Jeremy Levin a fast recovery. Father and Son stick together.

Reminder, BC CUP #3 and #4 are at Abbotsford BMX June 27th and 28th. We encourage all riders to attend. You can race one day or both days. This gives you the opportunity to race other competitors and test your skills on a different track, making you a better all around rider.

Results and photos are posted.

June 9th race session was a Blast!

Right out of the gate, we had some intense heated action down the first straight, with Mens cruiser battling each other elbow to elbow to get the holeshot.
The girls classes continue to grow and the girls are fierce. They don't back down from any boys.
half trackers are growing strong. We are seeing more and more young riders on push and pedal bikes, working on winning those candy bags.
Hopefully Satu and Sandy feel a little better today.

Results and photos are posted.

Reminder we have switched our Monday coaching session times around.
Inter / Expert 5 to 6pm
Beginner / Novice 6 to 7pm
Open gate 7 to 8pm.

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers. Please, if you can spare some time on Practice or Race Nights it would be greatly appreciatted so the same volunteers do not have to fill in each week. What energy you put into the club, you will get back 10X over with the excitement of being a direct part of the Action and shaping the future stars of the sport.

Womens Only session June 19th 6:30pm.
Track closed July 11th for a community social function.

Coaching June 15th forward.

Monday Coaching Night is reconfigured. - PLEASE TAKE NOTE!

Coaching is held weekly on Monday evenings - Weather / Holiday Dependent. - Weather call will be made by 4pm.
If attendance drops per coached group, we will be reverting back to the previous schedule.

Intermediate / Expert 5 to 6pm
Novice / Beginner 6 to 7pm  (Riders must be on pedals and able to handle the entire track)

Track closed to all riders not participating in the coached session. Please use the pump track during the closed times.
Open Gate Practice 7 to 8pm - All Riders.
Half trackers please stick to the left side of the cones.

Please arrive on time, register, warm up and be ready to ride for your session. Bring plenty of water.

$5 per session.
Please bring smaller bills.

Thank you,

Ridge Meadows BMX

May 26 2015 Race Re-cap

What a strange evening. Cloudy, Rainy but oh so SUnny during race time. Thank you all for braving the storm, and sticking it out!
Great turnout of Half Trackers - 25! and 108 Full Track Riders.
Mains in 5 and Under Novice, The little guys and gals are coming on strong.

BIG SHOUT OUT to all our volunteers for making the evening run smooth. I think that was one of our most efficient evenings in some time.
Congratulations to Bruce James on the 50/50 win.

Photos, Results and track points are posted.


See you Monday!

Good Luck to all the local Riders heading to Nanaimo's Harbour City National this weekend!

Race Day info - May 26th

You may pre-register via the Facebook Events page, or call the hotline @ 604-878-1193 (We will make a weather call by 4:45pm)

Moto Shed will be open 5:30 to 6:30pm for Registartion
Track open to practice 5:30pm
3rd and 4th Straight closed 6:30 to 7pm for Half tracker practice Only
Riders List posted 6:40pm - PLEASE check for Corrections. Ensure your age, name, class and plate number are correct.
Half Tracker racing 6:50pm (Please only one parent or older sibling on the track per rider for safety)
Motos posted 6:55pm
Full track Racing 7:00pm

Unfortunately we need to draw a hard line on this rule so we can start our races on time and make sure everyone is accounted for!! 

We are always looking for volunteers during practice and race nights. We can use help in staging, finish line, gate operator, concession, pre-race set-up / teardown, First-Aid, 50/50 sales and many other areas. Please consider helping us out so we can put together an excellent night of racing. Sign-up at the Moto-Shed on the whiteboard. Volunteers will get a free race.

During a race, should your rider crash, please remain OFF the track and let our Track officials and First Aid, take care of the rider. IF necessary we will call the parent / spouse / sibling to the track to help with the rider. This is for the safety of everyone on the track.

We have pre-paid race cards available
$50 for 12 races. This card gives you 2 free races for the season.
$75 for 18 races. This gives you 3 free races for the season.
Cards are non-transferable, and are only good for the 2015 race season.

Coaching will be held weekly on Monday evenings - Weather Depending.
$5 per session.
Novice / Beginner 5 to 6pm
Intermediate / Expert 6 to 7pm
Open Gate Practice 7 to 8pm.
Track closed to all riders not participating in the coached session.

May 19th Scorcher

What an incredible evening for Racing.
The HEAT was out in full force on the track and in the sky.
Little slower evening with some families extending their holidays with the PRO-D days and sunsine out, but we still had a great turnout.

The Ladies cruiser class is continuing to pull in a full gate, and these ladies are fiesty. Battling hard down each straight, and sharing recipes at the finish line.
Mens cruiser saw Curtis Jensen imagining he had his dirt bike beneath him and rocketing from the gate to the finish line uncontested. Jason Wesson managed to bull back in and keep Lukas Fergusen and Grant Brereton-Stiles out of the 2 spot.
Natasha Miller and Kamryn Howlett continue to get to the top of the Podium in their respective girl classes, Brody Lynd and Cooper James continue their domination of their classes. Brody Lynd looks to be moving on up to 7 Intermediate, to offer a challenge to those boys, Cooper won't be far from heading to 6 Intermediate either.  The youngest Horstman brother Carter, continues to lead the 9 novices continuing with his goal of making Intermediate really soon. Must be something in the Howlett genes, Brady Howlett took all 3 motos in 11 Intermediate. He has been on a streak lately and has his sights set on Expert status.

Congratulations to Reid Messier on the Move up to Intermediate.

THANK YOU to all our volunteers for jumping in and helping us out. With out your willingness to help us fill these positions none of us would be able to enjoy the sport WE ALL LOVE!

Results and Track points are Posted.

Coaching and Practice Monday May 25th and Racing May 26th.
See you all there.


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