Fun under the lights!

Another great night of racing under the lights. 23 half trackers and 75 full track riders battled it out through some really tight races. With a few more half trackers moving up to full track tonight we ended up with mains in 5 & Under Novice Male, 6 Novice Male and Cruiser class. What a great bunch of riders! 

Thanks to everyone for coming out and all the volunteers for another fantastic Tuesday and to Laurie Harding for allowing us to post her pictures, check them out under the Pictures menu item.  


Race results and track points posted.

Thanks for the help!

Boy do we ever have a great group of people out at the track this year. We had lot of hands helping today and managed to get the track looking really good. Thanks to everyone that came out to support the club.... even these two.


Perfect night for racing

The temperature was just right, things ran smoothly and everyone was having fun, what more could you ask for? 23 half trackers, 60 full track riders and mains in the cruiser class and 6 Novice Males. Thanks to all the volunteers for another excellent night.

This picture is a couple weeks old, but it says it all. Thumbs Up!

Results and track points posted along with some pictures courtesy of Armand Ducharme and Selena Dobie.

Lightning didn't strike twice!

Perfect weather for the race tonight. While we had a lot of people on vacation this week we still had loads of fun with 16 half trackers and 38 full track riders out there giving it their all. We also managed to get our paper air plane contest in with the six winners getting a chocolate Olympic medal provided by Helen Donnelly, that was priceless!

Results, track points and pictures now posted.

Great Job Tory!

Local rider Tory Nyhaug competed today in the qualifying rounds of Olympic BMX and narrowly missed making it through to the semi-finals.

 After a great first round Tory ended up in a crash in the second round that put him well back in the points but he put in an incredible effort in the remaining three rounds and won the final moto. Unfortunately he came up one point short of moving through to the semi-finals.

While I am sure that Tory will be disappointed in not having moved on to the semi-finals we want him to know that everyone at Ridge Meadows BMX is proud of him and how courageous he has been in the face of adversity this season. He has done a fantastic job of representing our country and our sport.

Oh my goodness.....

That was something else! The rain was threatening during the warm up but wow did things take a turn after that first moto. That is the first time in 6 years that I have seen a race cancelled due to lightning!

We have found our 50/50 winner so you guys can stop trying to find your tickets in your water logged clothes.

As we didn't get to do our paper airplane contest we will have a go at doing that again next week. Results and track points are now posted, as we only managed the single moto for most classes the placings are not final but the race will count toward year end awards.


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