Great Job Tory!

Local rider Tory Nyhaug competed today in the qualifying rounds of Olympic BMX and narrowly missed making it through to the semi-finals.

 After a great first round Tory ended up in a crash in the second round that put him well back in the points but he put in an incredible effort in the remaining three rounds and won the final moto. Unfortunately he came up one point short of moving through to the semi-finals.

While I am sure that Tory will be disappointed in not having moved on to the semi-finals we want him to know that everyone at Ridge Meadows BMX is proud of him and how courageous he has been in the face of adversity this season. He has done a fantastic job of representing our country and our sport.

Oh my goodness.....

That was something else! The rain was threatening during the warm up but wow did things take a turn after that first moto. That is the first time in 6 years that I have seen a race cancelled due to lightning!

We have found our 50/50 winner so you guys can stop trying to find your tickets in your water logged clothes.

As we didn't get to do our paper airplane contest we will have a go at doing that again next week. Results and track points are now posted, as we only managed the single moto for most classes the placings are not final but the race will count toward year end awards.

Year End Awards

Each season we provide riders a year end award based on the number of full track races that they have raced in at our track. This year we have decided to set the number of races for the top award at 10 or more races, you have up to our September 4th race to get those 10 races in. The top award this year will be a Ridge Meadows BMX jersey, we will arrange to have sample sizes out at the track in the upcoming weeks so riders who already have 10 races in can pick their size. There will also be a secondary award for riders having completed 5 or more races, we have not determined what that award will be quite yet, but will let you know shortly. Take a look at the track points page to see how many races you need to fit in!

FREE Learn 2 Ride Clinic Sunday August 5th

Join Mischa Partridge this Sunday August 5th from 10am to 12pm for one of our popular Free Learn 2 Ride Clinics.
The Clinic is open to everyone in the community and we encourage all current riders to invite their parents, friends, family and schoolmates out to give it a try. The clinic is geared towards new novice riders who would like to learn a few skills on the track. You will walk away a better rider. 
All you need is a bike with functioning rear brake, long sleeves, pants, gloves and full face helmet. We do have some bikes, helmets and gloves available for use.
Please remove any pegs or kickstands.

How cool was that!

With 21 half trackers and 80 full track riders we were over the 100 rider mark for our double point race tonight. Another main in the 6 Novice class and a main in the cruiser class as well. 

Thanks to everyone that came out and to all the volunteers for another great race. Best wishes on a speedy recovery to our good friend Santiago after that hard spill in his moto. Results and track points are now posted. Some great pictures taken by Armand Ducharme have now been added to the galleries.

BC Championships & BC Cup this weekend!

You can still register tonight at Action BMX or on race day between 8:30 - 9:30. 

The BC Championship is a one-day event where riders are grouped based on their age and not on their level. This is a fun event for riders of all levels. Each entry will receive a cool BC Championship T-shirt.  All athletes making the final 8 in each age group will receive a BC Championship plate (BC 1 to 8 ) to use until the 2013 BC Championships.

The 2012 BC Championships will be held at the Action BMX track in Surrey, BC on Saturday July 28th with BC Cup #5 on Sunday July 29th.  Complete event information and registration information is available: BC Champs Schedule.



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