Beautiful Night For Racing

It was a perfect night for racing tonight, not too hot, not too cold and dry enough that we had to water the track. Tons of half trackers again but I think a few of those will be full track before you know it. Some great racing and suspect announcing going on for the full track side.

Ryan Berg, our first aid volunteer, had lots of riders to check out after a string of crashes but they were all up and racing in no time.

Remember that our race Tuesday May 22 is going to be crazy number plate night! Decorate a blank plate any way you like so long as your regular race number is on the plate and legible. Use that plate for the race and you will get a treat and get your name entered in a draw for some great prizes. If you were not able to pick up a blank plate tonight bring some markers, paint, etc out to the track and grab a plate before the race. Let's see how creative you guys can be!

Results and Points now posted. Armand from Urban Menace Bikes has also loaded some of his pictures from the race, show your appreciation next time you see him around the track.

Coaching Night

Great practice night with Alex Tougas, Chase Sherrington, Erin Kinnie and Aidan MacDonald helping the younger kids out with the gate and last two straights. It is awesome to see teens that are happy to help the little guys and girls out.

Track Attack May 8th

That was a great night of racing, 60 full track riders and 23 half trackers, the place was hopping! With a lot of new riders in the mix it took us a while to get going but when we did there was some fantastic racing with a cruiser main and a couple completely full classes. It was also great to see the executive mom's out battling in the fun race we threw in for them, those ladies are pretty competitive!

Unfortunately we also kept our first aid volunteers busy, which is never a good thing. We all hope that Rory Ennis is okay, he took a hard spill after making a great move in the first corner in a tight cruiser class. We also hope Derek Slykerman is feeling okay after being run over by the announcer.

We were scrambling a bit tonight so weren't able to get ticket sales started for the Academy Aspire bike provided by Urban Menace, be sure to bring some extra money next week to pick up your ticket.

Results and Track Points are now posted and thanks to Armand at Urban Menace Bikes we have a picture of the ladies heading into the second corner. Check the picture gallery out for some more shots that Armand took.

Thank You!

We would like to throw out a HUGE THANK YOU to URBAN MENACE BIKES for donating a sweet 2012 Academy Aspire BMX to the track.
If you see Armand at the track go up and give him a High Five for his generosity. Support your local shops if you can.
Tickets to win this bike go on sale Monday, and will continue for the season. Good Luck!!

Another great night of racing!

17 half trackers and 9 motos of full track riders braved what looked like potentially bad weather to get in only our second race of the year. It was great to see a lot of new riders trying it out for the first time and more of our half track racers making the move to full track. 

Thanks to all the volunteers for keeping it all running smoothly even with all the new sign ups and thanks to Andre for his always entertaining announcing.

Results and Track Points are now posted.

* Photos from last nights race action added to the gallery.

Racing other tracks.

Do you or your kids want to race more than once a week or try out some other tracks? Good news! There are 4 tracks in the lower mainland that are sanctioned through Cycling BC so the license you use while riding at Ridge Meadows is good for racing at Abbotsford, North Vancouver and Surrey. 

You can check out the track locations by clicking on "Locations" on the menu bar, if you click on the individual track on the map you can get directions.

The race schedule, which includes all the tracks is available under the Information menu item by choosing Race Schedules or by clicking the link below.



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