We had 99 riders and missing everyone!

September 22nd was a Great Fall Night out at Ridge Meadows BMX. We couldn't have asked for a much better evening, well maybe a little warmer.
99 Riders and 11 Half Trackers out to enjoy the crisp evening under the lights. So great to see all of our friends catching the last few races of the season.

With one of our biggest cruiser turnouts of the season, we had 23 guys going all out just to make it to the Semi-Main. The power and speed put down by the young guns was impressive to say the least. Youngest of them all, Zach Frier edged out hard charging Monroe Hutton and Jason Adams.
JP Baron brought out his new Purple Princess and cruised on over the line. Seems the shorter geometry works well for him.
Mike Merriman took the win in the Cruiser 'C' main taking his redline from line to line.
Laurie Harding continued on her No mercy streak, showing all the young and upcoming girls how to get it done.
Our 6 Novice male class was like a swarm of bees working around the track. It was anyones guess who could take the win for the night but Blake Kendall grabbed the Main win from Connor Brisbin and Ashton Kuperis. This will continue to be a fun group to watch as they age and class up.
Natasha Miller and grace Gulechyn continue to run the line in their respective classes. Great job out there all of you girls. You are showing the boys you can compete with them anyday.

Thank you to all of tonights volunteers. You are the Backbone to the club. We appreciate each and everyone of you.
Thank you for your patience as we held our 2015 AGM last Night.
We present your new 2015/2016 Executive
JP Baron - President
Rob Elliott - Vice President
Grant Brereton-Stiles - Track Director
Tim Lawrence - Track Operator
Christine Baron and Jody MacMullen - Concession
Sandy Brereton-Stiles and Amber Nyholm - Registrar
Tim Keeping - Treasurer
vacant - Promotions
vacant - Awards

Bruce James / Jason McCormick - Announcer
Laara Horstman / Julie Morse-Elliott - First Aid

Please consider volunteering during the season or aiding the executive in their positions. We all make the club what we want it to be. 

See you all Monday, September 28th for our last coaching and practice session of the season.

Coaching and Practice 5 to 7pm

With many of the local Inter and Expert Riders competing down in Richland , Washington this past weekend, we expect a low turnout at 5pm.
Therefore, we are going to open Coaching to ALL Riders from 5 to 7pm tonight. Open gate practice 7 to 8pm.
See you here!

September 15th cooldown

Another awesome evening of racing at Ridge!
Missing a few of our regulars as the nights cool down and the riders head to bed early, but no one told the half trackers that.
We had 19 little runners out tearing up the track. They all worked hard to grab their candy bags. 86 Full track riders came out after our Amazing BC Cup races on the weekend.
Some were still in full on battle mode in a few classes was nuts. 9 Intermediate, 6 novice, 12 Expert, 11 Intermediate, those guys were all running full out intensity, sweeping each other in corners.
The mens Cruiser class never fails to excite, as they bump and grind their way around the obstacles. Unfortunately we lost new first time dad racer Joel Gormley in the 2nd corner of moto 2. Heal up soon Joel, you should be ready for battle again in 6 to 8 weeks. 
We also send some healing vibes out to Christine Baron. She is feeling the effects of Sundays cruiser crash. The ladies were battling hard to earn their plates and unfortunately Christine took a spill coming off the step up out of corner 1.

With all the commotion last night we forgot to acknowledge one of our rider move ups. Declan Bittel is the newest Ridge Expert. Declan has worked very hard. Congratulations Declan. We won't forget to get you your medal next week! Promise.

Next Monday's coaching and practice session will be the last one with club coach Mischa Partridge. Mischa is moving to Ontario to reside and train with the National Track team as they make a run at qualifying and competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Please come out and wish him well in his future success. 

Tuesday September 22nd. weather pending, we will be hosting our AGM during the race break. All director positions are up for nomination. Please consider joining the board to shape the future of this awesome place we call Ridge Meadows BMX. Share the position with one or 2 friends if you like.

Good luck to all the local riders heading to Richland, Washington this weekend.

Race Day Information - September 15th

RACING @ RIDGE tonight if we can get the weather to co-operate with us.

You may pre-register via the Facebook Events page, or call the hotline @ 604-878-1193 .

Moto Shed will be open 5:30 to 6:30pm for Registration

Track open to practice at 5:30pm

3rd and 4th Straight closed at 6:30 for Half tracker Practice Only

Half trackers please stay off the track until 6:30pm.

Riders List posted 6:40pm - PLEASE check for Corrections. Ensure your age, name, class and plate number are correct.

Half Tracker racing 6:50pm (Please only one parent or older sibling on the track per rider for safety)

Motos posted 6:55pm

Full track Racing 7:00pm


Unfortunately we need to draw a hard line on this rule so we can start our races on time and make sure everyone is accounted for!!

During a race, should your rider crash, please remain OFF the track and let our Track officials and First Aid, take care of the rider. IF necessary we will call the parent / spouse / sibling to the track to help with the rider. This is for the safety of everyone on the track.

We are always looking for volunteers during practice and race nights and as an incentive we offer your rider a free race.

We can use help in staging, finish line, gate operator, concession, pre-race set-up / teardown, First-Aid, 50/50 sales, announcing and many other areas. 

Please consider helping us out so we can put together an excellent night of racing. Sign-up at the Moto-Shed on the whiteboard. No special experience necessary. Without volunteers we can't race.

See you at the Track.

September 14th Coaching and Practice

After a Great Weekend everyone knows what they want to work on.
Coaching and Open gate Practice is on tonight.
5 to 6pm Int / Expert
6 to 7pm Nov / Beginner
7 to 8pm Open Gate Practice

See you here!

Riders worked out the back to school blues

Great night of racing. Going back to school didn't stop any of the riders, parent and friends from showing up and laying down some hot laps under the lights.
What a fantastic atmosphere as we welcomed a few new riders, and joined in congratulating a couple riders on their move ups. Dexter Winton is now an Expert and Christopher Bajda is now Intermediate. Hard work from these boys is paying off.
Our 6 Novice winner Seth Boyer continues his streak, Jason Wesson was a little bumped and bruised going into the Crusier 'A' main but held off a hard charging Grant Brereton-Stiles to take the 1 spot for the evening. Laurie Harding continues to dominate in Womens Cruiser.
Our girls classes contine to grow and Kendall Katelyn enjoyed her first race of the season.

BC Cup #6 and BC Cup Finals are this weekend at Ridge. Pre-register online by midnight September 9th. For SATURDAY and SUNDAY's races.
You do not have to be following the series to compete. You can race one day or both days and this is a good chance to enjoy a larger race with different competition at your home track. Riders will be racing for medal of the day. Riders who qualify with 3 races + the finals will be racing for a coveted BC Cup Plate and Age Group Winners jersey.

Tuesday September 22nd we will be holding our AGM and electing our executive for the next season. If you would like to help shape the direction of the club and give back to the riders and community, please consider running for one of the positions. Details are posted around the track, and available at the moto shed.
Half Trackers must sign-up at the Moto Shed Saturday and Sunday mornings. Cost is $10 per day for Half trackers and they will be racing for medals of the day.

See you at the Track this Weekend!


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