August 3rd BC Fun Day!

For August 3rd, we will do coaching and practice a little differently.

From 4:30 to 6pm we will have a Pot Luck Dinner and social atmosphere.
Bring some food and cutlery to share with your fellow riders, friends, family and coaches at the track.

At 6pm we will begin coaching, but there will be no proficiency levels for this evening. Riders will be intermixed and will learn some fun new skills on and off the track. Typical $5 per session or pre-paid card is required for the coaching.  The coaching fees play a very small part in helping to get the Elites to their events.

Bring along any bike parts or bikes and swap, trade, sell, haggle or discuss them with fellow parents and riders as well.

Hope we can see all the Ridge Meadows families out, both new and old.