1st Race Night of 2017 - tonight April 11th!


Since Pre-Pay cards are not in circulation yet, AnyBody can pre-register via Facebook for tonight's racing.
Facebook Registation cut off is 5:00 PM
Registration at the motoshed will begin at 5:30, and cut off at 6:30
Race Hotline 604-878-1193, if you stuck a train, let us know! We check it at 6:30 PM to make sure we get everybody.

Track is open at 5:30 for warm-up
last 2 straights close 6:30 for half Track.

Here's what I need to know from you in your comments:
Rider's Name, Age, Gender, Plate Number, and level.

Half Trackers, we also need to know if your rider is on pedals or a run bike.

NOTE: ALL EXPERT RIDERS, will be racing in open races (ages 7-9, 10-13, and 14+)

Volunteers for the following positions can pre-register as well (Volunteering gets you one free rider for the night):
Starting Gate,
First Aid,
Corners 1, 2 and 3
Finish line
50-50 sales

$2 for half Tracker
$5 for Full Track Racing
$15 for family of 3 full track racers plus $1 for each additional family member
Pre-Paid cards are available at the motoshed (valid for the 2017 season only)
We'll also be selling Coaching night season passes for $80 (never be $5 short on a Monday again).

See you at the Track everybody!! It's going be a GREAT TIME!